The Carrefour Association

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The purpose of the Carrefour Association is to facilitate the social and professional integration of young people. To meet this goal, the association runs multipurpose social and educational facilities

These include :

  • A foyer de jeunes travailleurs - FJT or "young worker's hostel"
    (Youth Accommodation)
  • An accommodation and social reintegration centre for adults receiving social accommodation assistance (CHRS)
  • A social children's home known as a "Foyer d’Accommodation pour mineurs et jeunes adultes" accommodation centre
    for minors and young adults (ASE/PJJ)
  • A Centre d’Adaptation à la Vie Active et d’Insertion Professionnelle (CAVAIP or "centre for adaptation to working life and professional integration")
    for minors and young adults
  • A youth hostel (AJ)
  • A centre international de séjour (CIS) or "international accommodation centre"
    focusing on social tourism and intended for young people.
With a range of services available for the whole population, Carrefour seeks to promote dialogue and culture, and to help young people with their transition to adult life.

The association's mission

The association's mission brief developed over the years, since its creation in 1945-1946. Its roots lie in local history, something which is constantly being written around us, and in the various moral, civic and social values of humanism. It was rewritten in 2008. It works towards its collective goals fully involving the trustees, staff, residents and other key players in the Accueil-Hébergement-Insertion network.


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